Thank you for stopping in and viewing my blog. I have set up a forum here to talk about all sorts of things. A lot of them will have to do with things around your home. Some of them might just be topics I think might be relevant. You may not think so, so don’t hesitate to offer up suggestions of topics you’d like to know more about or just want to bounce around. I’m fairly informal.

A little about me. I’m a world market and global thinking person. I have a passion to stay informed about what is going on in today’s markets and how it affects all types of businesses, arts and people. I’m not a money person, per say, more of a closet economist with no formal education in economics, but love to follow markets and how they relate to politics, geography and the way we all live our lives.  For instance, I find it interesting to watch the “Green marketplace”. Green, or sustainable design is still an emerging science, especially here in Dayton, OH. Most people don’t feel they have the resources to employ green products, sustainable wood floors, recycled glass countertops, etc.. and thus don’t want to spend the extra money on them because they don’t perceive value added differences. But there are sustainable practices  Caulk, spray foam = Green tech that’s been around for years. Cost is almost nill and the payback is immediate.

This market is emerging faster in other markets such as the east coast. California, (as always) mandates a lot of sustainable practices and is on the leading edge.

Market driven construction products? I like granite. No, I really like granite. 10 years ago, it was reserved for million dollar homes. To some degree it still is, but I replace a lot of countertops with granite in sub $300,000.00 homes. How? It’s on cost par with solid surface or better known as Corian®. How did that happen?? Granite suppliers from quarries to distributors and fabricators decided to make it that way. Market place, plain and simple. So when does the Green market offer solar panels on your roof and geo-thermal furnaces for the same price as traditional forms of supply? I don’t know, but I’m dyin’ to watch it unfold. What do you think should happen?

In the mean time, a couple of things to think about your next contractor or DIY project you take on. Have you (they) done the simple thing? Caulk or spray foam all exterior penetrations after a holes gone through the side of your home. Sealed and flashed roof penetrations properly to prevent leaks. Caulked around windows and doors when they’re installed? Insulated to the correct R-value, maybe above the recommended value?

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