Leaving something behind to reach future goals

Leaving something behind to reach future goals is something I’ve told myself to do many times. Change. Usually heels dug in, kicking and screaming and yelling, “It’s going to work! I just have to work harder”. Saying it like the salmon in the river, right? Never compare yourself to something that tries to kill itself so hard with so much success. Watching the river go by with so much grace and ease, it naturally finds it way to the end, and in the process, provides so much value to everything around it.

Finding time in a day to sit down and add something valuable to the remodeling world is just, well…difficult. Every business owner I know and have talked to in this business is busy. I realize my own time constraints are created by a lot of work that should never of been committed to in the first place.

The business model I have chosen for my business is Design/ Build. Design…..Build. Dream it, put it on paper, draw out the concerns and issues ahead of time. Then commit resources AFTER that process is completed. In the end, a superior value over “we’ll just put an allowance in” business model. I know this from countless customers who complain their contractor didn’t help them with the issues they had to begin with. I’m winning, right?

I have also thought it would be a good idea to do general home maintenance as an adjunct to the core business model. After all, most people say they need these little things done and in the grand scheme of co-opting different things together, it seems like the right thing to do. It’s just….that it isn’t.

Time in any business has to be compensated for. Not just for the hours someone works, but the time and resources it takes to get that person there. Home maintenance is a job for a person who has no business in my market.

Hours worked are paid for by the customer. Knowing how much to charge is dependent on what your expenses are. Most “handymen” don’t know what this true cost is, and such, has driven the price of their services down. The proverbial race to the bottom. Like a lot of businesses. Except, most are not businesses. Just wage producers.

Our Company’s actual cost of doing business is higher than “Chuck in a Truck”, making it increasingly difficult to offer these services at a price point a customer will pay. I have come to a place where I understand that this is not a part of the business that adds value enough to charge accordingly. So, as my last look towards Home Maintenance, I leave it in the rear view mirror for someone else. Oh, and free up time to run and grow my business.

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