It’s fall, what remodeling projects are you thinking must get done?

As I zipped through the Labor Day weekend, I was thinking of all the stuff that will need to be done this fall. I looked around my yard. Oy! One less project though: I don’t have to clean up those pesky leaves from the ash tree in the front yard. It blew over in the wind yesterday, again…. Yes it started to grow back from the last falling over episode a year and half ago, then my daughter said calmly yesterday, “Dad, look out the front window..” Yeah, OK.

I have a lot of ideas on projects this fall. My kids bath: REDO! Probably won’t get done because I’ll be working on your bath. Kitchen: new tops! Nope, but you’ll have them. Oh yeah, “Incidentally, they look look fab!”.

Actually my wish list is that YOU do get those things. When you’re happy, so am I. It is, after all, what makes the economy go ’round and God knows we need the wheel to start rolling again!

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