As the remodeling and home repairs heat up, so do my work hours

And so does the weather. Heat is good. I can take my road bike out (bicycle) and pound pedals, sweat, lose weight pump up my heart. Daylight lasts until 9:30pm and there seems to be and endless amount of work people want done on their homes. All good for this remodeler in Dayton!

But I also work 7 days a week. Yes Seven. Laying tile or putting up trim or tearing out a bath, that’s 5 days a week. Saturday and Sunday I reserve for the good stuff. Writing contracts, following up with customers, doing bids and yes, reading. I do get in a little bike time and time with my family, but it just seems when your self employed, the job is always turned to the “on” position on the dial. “ON” means “ON”.

Some of the things that are turned “on” include: reading on the installation of new products I’m going to install. All manufacturers have very specific ways to install their products. Stray from the direction and you have no recourse but to tear it out and redo it, at your expense, when it fails. And it is always a “when” question, not a “if” question.

Trade publications come to our mailbox like dogs drawn to steak. And yes, I read all of them. There is a lot of knowledge base articles, new products and design ideas that helps my wife and I to be as creative as we can with the budgets people seem to have right now. They also pile up like small cities on every horizontal surface. So in an effort to clean up the barn, so to speak, my wife and business partner, Cindy is making a design portfolio of different design styles, colors, cabinets and countertops to help people understand what their needs are and what style best expresses their sense of form and function.

Great Job Cindy!! WOOOHOO! I just don’t have the time to do this, though I should help out at some point…..

So these are the remodeling things on my mind. What’s on your mind?

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