The Kohler Tub Before and After

In my last post, I was so excited about posting the video of the Kohler® tub setting, I forgot to talk about the before and after. The set up was critical as one can imagine, especially for the tub filler. As with all good, high end equipment that not many people have used, I discovered Kohler® has no rough in specs on installation of the tub filler when set in a slab. I’m sure they threw out the engineer who sat at the end of the table and said, “But what if the contractor sets this up for a slab?” Lead engineer glaring down the table, “Throw this bum out!”

Needless to say, tech support was of no help. They couldn’t tell me what the approved method for a slab set was. Only that, “There will be a lot of weight, and it will need to be secure.”

Uhh, OK…

So here was the rough in: I did the final set up after almost all of the tile was complete so I was sure of the exact rough in height… based on the wood floor diagram.

Rough in Valve for Kohler® Purist tub filler

Basically, I poured a small mound of concrete higher than I needed. Then I flattened and leveled it out with a torpedo level and set the valve on top and made the water connections. I inserted the stainless steel wood screws into the wet concrete and let it set up overnight. Bam! done. Geeeeeenius! Kohler, were ya listening?

I finished the rest of the concrete floor the next day, carefully leaving space around the valve. With my luck it may need to come out some day. Don’t ask… I filled the open area with mason sand and thin set tile over everything. A clean install for sure.

Kohler® Purist Tb Filler

The job wound up being a beautiful bath. Below are some photos of the new custom bath. Professional photos will be on the website in a month or so.


Tile detail at Tub


Cherry floating cabinet

Shower floor and bench detail

Wall and shower floor detail

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