Busy, Busy, Busy…To busy to look at the house?



I’m busy. That’s a good thing. I am working 6 days a week again and it feels good. I’ve also been tired. So tired, I neglected to give the house a once around. You know, walk around see if the shingles are still on the roof, water in the basement, doors all work. The usual. I do this all the time, for other people and often neglect it myself. Here’s the rationale: I can fix it if it’s broke and I don’t have to pay anyone to do it. So, I forget to do it.

Sitting on the front stoop, glass of wine in hand, on a  warm, breezy, dry evening, my wife and I look down at the bottom of the front door jambs and….saw dust. Actually leftovers of the carpenter ants that made a home in the door jamb.

My wife, “This happens on our home too?”

“Yup”, I said.

And so it goes, my job has come home with me. So off I went to Lowes and bought the insecticide. Squirted it all over and Viola! They’re dead! (See me doing the Happy Dance). But now I have to fix the door. Not impossible, just don’t have the time. But, I’ll eventually do it or have to replace the door. Those things can be expensive, and that word rarely graces my lips when it comes to these things!

So what happened?

Well, best I can see is I’ve never done any painting, caulking or otherwise since I originally installed it, say 7 years ago. The paint looks fine.

Sill/ Jamb intersection

The area at the sill and jamb intersection settled ever so much to allow little bits of water (Ahh! Water!) in. This was all some hungry carpenter ants needed to move into their new home. Or my home…




So What’s the fix?

Well first, we will use the “Wonder Tool”, that’s my name for a Bosch, cordless oscillating multi-tool. If you don’t own one, you just can’t appreciate everything it does. And I mean everything. Wait, back to the fix. I’ll cut out the rotted section and insert a new piece of material made from synthetics, that won’t rot next time. Then with a bit of Bondo, paint and magic, we’ll make it disappear. Good as new. Well, at least that makes one of us.

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