Spring is here, so why does everyone want to remodel at once?

Warm weather, flowers burst from the ground with grace and stature, the smell of wet grass being cut. These are just some of the smells and qualities of spring in Dayton, OH. With all the spring attributes abound, why do we all (myself included) want to start a project? Not satisfied with the beauty that nature provides us, we need to improve on it a little, eh?

Winter brings a ear ringing silence to all things remodeling. A few lucky contractors stay busy with a small project or niche opportunities, but in general we all check our smart phones all day wondering where the work is. Then…. all at once, a tsunami of calls come in for kitchens, baths basements, decks and general maintenance projects. The phone, email, texts start and we’re all off again on a non-stop cycle of meet, estimate, sign and build. Someone the other day mentioned how they “used to have someone draw and do the orders, now I’m doing it all myself!”. So am I, and, oh yeah, I’m building it too!

So why don’t more people take the opportunity to remodel in the dead of winter, when we are all looking for work and pricing is pretty aggressive? I don’t know the complete answer, but here’s what I think: No one thinks about it. Christmas takes now 2 full months to recover from, longer then your kids remember what you got them. I also think people ¬†go through cycles of creativity matched with the funding to see it through. Winter is on the downward side of that cycle.¬†Spring brings new life to everything. Tax returns and annual bonuses spring into peoples lives like hyacinths and daffodils, bringing the funding to the new life.

So spring is here. What projects are you thinking about

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