Remodeling Schedules Should Be Communicated

My favorite read, when I’m not to sleepy to read, is The New Yorker. It is well written, stimulating and in depth. And of course, the cartoons. Ah, the cartoons. They’re funny, sometimes hilarious. The one I just read (I’d snap a pic, but I think there are copyright laws against that) shows a contractor holding a set of blueprints talking to a couple in their partially renovated apartment. The tagline, “Worst-case scenario? The renovation goes three years and two million dollars over budget, one of you bludgeons me to death with my own hammer, and you both get the electric chair.” Lieghtton©2011.

This is sublimely funny to any contractor reading it. Including me. This is not funny to anyone who has ever trusted a contractor with their renovation. We know in this business, there is never a job that goes quite as planned. Yes, I know I shouldn’t talk about this, but the reality is, it’s better to know this ahead of time then to have it dropped on you you midway through the project. There is always a certain amount of uncertainty in any project a remodeler tackles.

The difference between a pro and “a guy with a tool belt”, is that your pro will have a 85% chance of knowing the excitement that lurks within and plans accordingly. That plan usually involves a schedule and you. A schedule can be something as simple as a verbal communication that explains the what, how and when you’ll be finished fixing the front door. It can also be a more formal document that gets emailed to the client and updated weekly for a whole house renovation. Whatever the method, client – contractor communication is the foundation for a successful relationship and a job that gets completed on time and within budget.

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