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Planning Are you planning a project on your home? Need to know the cost? Of course, yes. Like shopping for a car. Open the paper or go online. Prices are listed, you compare dealers and if you like it, you … Continue reading

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Before you think about renovating, make sure everyone’s on board

Planning Before you get ready for any project that includes someone else coming into your home and changing it in some way, I like to recommend that everyone in the household is on board with the idea, and the process. … Continue reading

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Good remodeling design is essential to bringing people into space

I was going to write about the cost of remodeling your bathroom but had a change of heart at the last moment while standing in line for bread. No, it hasn’t gotten that bad! It was at The Second Street … Continue reading

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Remodeling Schedules Should Be Communicated

My favorite read, when I’m not to sleepy to read, is The New Yorker. It is well written, stimulating and in depth. And of course, the cartoons. Ah, the cartoons. They’re funny, sometimes hilarious. The one I just read (I’d … Continue reading

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