Home Repair Projects are like Lemon Squares

Lemon Squares

Pucker up! My family loves lemon squares. We just tried a great recipe. And tried it. And tried it. Failing a few times in the process, but ultimately getting it right. Have you ever done this? You try something around the house, say fixing the front entry door that doesn’t quite close all the way. So you look at it. What makes this thing latch? Oh yeah, the little thingy that catches on the other little thingy. Click! Success! Then it pops open again to reveal that draft crack. What the…?! Try it again. “Stay! Good Door!” (The dog gets excited when he hears this). Then, it pops open again. You feel defeated.  So now you really get your teeth into it and after 2 hours of fiddling, you really do get it!

Repairs like this,  I do all the time. That’s what people pay me to do. But sometimes there are times when you want to do it yourself. “Can that door latch be smarter than me?” Maybe. I’ve been beat up by far less complicated things. Very often it’s just a matter of letting go and realize where we want to venture and when that venture becomes a liability. What seems easy for me is not always easy for you and visa-versa.

What I’ve come to understand is to allow the right person to complete the job they can accomplish best. Electrical wiring? Yes, I can do that. Wire a whole house and add a 3 phase, 240v circuit for the shop. Nope, not even going to clog the old noggin with it. It’s possible to do, I’m a smart guy (I think), but my electrician does it every day. With great results, no less!

So back to lemon squares. What we as a family learned is that we can do this, and eat them well too! I am a major “foody” and the food I make has to be fresh, imaginative and healthy. Presentation is paramount.  I manage to achieve this about 97% of the time.

Orange Souffle

Angel Hair pasta with lemon, capers and roasted red and yellow peppers with Olive Oil, garlic and shallot base

There are things though my wife does better. Like Lemon  squares. That’s what my kids just told me. So I have found the right person for that job too, I guess.

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