In the sun

No, I’m not on vacation. I’m sitting in my morning room – in the sun. We intentionally bought this lot 9 years ago because of it’s orientation to the sun. We knew our morning room would face the south to southwest. Why? Because the sun plays an important role for us. I like it because I can effectively heat the house using no fossil fuels, just the good old fashioned passive solar energy. This is the most cost effective design decision anyone can make whether they’re designing a new kitchen/family room addition or a new home. Finding a lot with the correct orientation is as simple as looking at site map or plot plan. If you can’t find one of those, take a compass to the site or around the house and figure out just were the sun is going to play it’s part in your design.

Afternoon sunshine washes in 2/19/11. Cellular blind down in the middle.

My dog loves this room. What dog doesn’t like sleeping in the warm sun on a blisteringly cold day!

Love the sunshine!

The rest of the family just migrates to this room on a sunny day in the winter to escape the winter blues. The sunshine also promotes a calm sense of well being. Yes, like lying on the beach in the summer. Ahh….(where’s the Corona 🙂

Summer, speaking of summer, this room changes. The warm sun can actually heat up the room more then you want, driving your air conditioner to work hard to keep the house cool. Yep, we went through this when we moved in on a hot July morning. The A/C never quit until I got blinds up. And not regular mini blinds or wood slat blinds. Nope, we went for the hollow core cellular blinds (sorry for the ad). These blinds have amazing insulating qualities. I’ve found that they can add a significant amount of R-value to your windows. The exact amount, I’m not sure, but you can hold your hand up to them in the summer or winter and not feel any significant change in temperature. They even make them without cords. Great for all, not just for children. I still get my cords caught on various things.

But it’s winter, or at least the winter thaw. This means take advantage of the winter sun into your home whenever possible! What are your thoughts about it?

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