Still dreaming – Green Remodeling

I have this idea. No, a dream. No, definitely an idea. OK, it goes like this. The back of my house faces the southwest. We did this so we could glean the warm winter sun to help heat the house when it’s cold. Good idea. I also discovered the wind blows regularly back there all year long. So…. wind, sun…. a perfect mix for an off the grid system. Off the grid means getting off the electric grid that powers all the things that go whizz, whirr and woosh in my house, including lights. I love this idea so much that when I’m home, I keep thinking of how I’m going to do this. I’m persistent. But here’s the thing, I would need to cover the entire back of my roof to get a few thousand watts of solar power. Enough to keep the fridge running and a few lights on. To do it myself, figure on $6.00 -$10.00 a watt. OK, payback is in… Never mind. I looked into a wind turbine. Ouch$$$$. Never mind. Oh, and my homeowners association won’t allow it either. So why is this such a conundrum? I want to do this.  You want to do this. We all think that it’s nuts to be fighting wars in the Middle East, making allies with dictatorial regimes just to keep the lights on.

So why is it so expensive to get this done? Not enough people demand alternative energy and let’s face it, by the time we drop 4 kids off at 5 different sporting events, cook, clean, just get out of bed and go to work, we’ve all had enough. The sacrifice it takes to move away from oil is big. It permeates every part of lives and frankly it’s just easier to keep things the way they are.

OK, got that out of the way. What would it take to get you to move towards more renewable energy sources? I really want to know.

Now, there are solar and wind powered things that are working everyday. Calculators, solar phone and camera chargers, solar electric grid : there’s one on Yankee St, within about 1/4mile away, but I have no idea what it’s powering. There are wind farms powering whole towns. So why don’t we have more affordable personal solutions. I don’t want to continue paying DP&L for the rest of my days here in Dayton. Do you? I’m going to do this thing eventually. It’s just a matter of time before the price comes down to where I can justify the cost vs. savings. I’ll blog it and we’ll see what happens! Happy sunshine!

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